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Frequently asked questions


General questions

[+] What is YouDrive?

YouDrive is Sri Lanka’s first and no.1  peer-to-peer online car rental service. We make it possible for people to rent cars from other people with confidence. We do this by creating a ‘trusted marketplace’ where Owners list their vehicles for FREE and Renters find and book the vehicles with confidance.

We specialise in rental periods from 2 days – 365 days and are up to 50% cheaper than traditional car rental companies. We also offer more flexibility than car leasing companies. For Owners, we provide ability to earn money from a vehicle they are not using.

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[+] How does it work?


    • Upload details and photographs of the Vehicle available to rent out.
    • Receive and accept booking requests. Arrange a handover time and location with the Renter.
    • Owner check ID documents of Renter and sign a agreement
    • Complete a Condition Report and take photographs to confirm condition of the car at the beginning of the rental.
    • Receive payments from Renter.
    • Arrange the return with the Renter and complete an inspection report.


    • Search for suitable vehicle at convenient location and make a booking request.
    • Wait untill Vehicle Owner accects the booking request
    • Make advance payment via credit card to complete booking.
    • Arrange a time and a location to pick up the vehicle with the Owner.
    • Pick up the vehicle after signing agreement with Owner and condition report
    • Return the Vehicle to the Owner at the conclusion of the rental period.

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[+] Do I have to be a registered user to book a car?

Yes, all users must be registered to make a booking request and rent a car.
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[+] Are there any fees and charges to use the YouDrive web-site?

It is completely FREE to register, search for cars and list cars to rent.
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[+] What is included in the daily rental fee?
    • 24 hours use of the vehilce
    • Insurance (as per individual car owner’s insurance policy)
    • Rental agreement
    • Servicing and registration
    • Customer Support

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[+] Does YouDrive provide a Rental Agreement?

No, YouDrive website provides only facilities to meet Vehicle Owners and Renters and help to rent cars securely with confidence. Individual Car Owners should prepare own car rental agreement with own conditions. YouDrive doesn’t hold any responsibility of the rental agreements or its conditions whatsoever.

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[+] Who does the Vehicle Inspection Report?

The Vehicle Inspection is performed by both the car Owner and Renter at the time of handover. A proper inspection involves you checking and photographing a number of key areas on the car as well as noting any current damage. All defects and scratches are to be noted and the odometer reading is recorded on the Vehicle Inspection Report. Both parties must sign the Inspection Report. The same applies when the car is returned.
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[+] Are Cars Covered by Insurance?

Individual car owners should provide valid insurance certificates for own vehicles. Renter may check the validity of insurance before signing agreement with car owners.

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[+] What happens if the car gets damaged or is involved in an accident?

In the event of accident, Renter and Vehicle Owner should take actions as per the agreement signed between Vehicle Owner and the Renter. YouDrive.LK does not hold any form of responsibility whatsoever.

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[+] Who pays for the Damage Liability?

It should be as stipulated in the respective agreement between Vehicle Owner and Renter. YouDrive.LK does not hold any responsibility whatsoever.

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[+] Who pays for car servicing and registration?

Car servicing and registration is paid by the car Owner.

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[+] What about Compulsory Third-Party Insurance?

All vehicle Owners must ensure that they have valid and appropriate Compulsory Third-Party insurance for their vehicles whilst it is being rented.

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[+] How do I join as a Renter?

Renters join for FREE! Just click on the “Join” button and enter your details.

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[+] What happens if I cancel a booking?

The Renter may cancel a Booking before 7 days prior to commencement of the rental period and receive Rs13,000 (Administrative fee of Rs. 2000 is deducted from advance payment).

Cancellation within 7 days prior to commencement of the renting period will incur full advance payment.

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[+] How does the Renter receive the car?

Once a rental booking has been confirmed, both the Renter and car Owner agree to a time and location to meet and handover the car. At handover, both the Renter and Owner need to complete and sign a Vehicle Rental Agreement (prepared by Vehicle Owner) and an Inspection Report. Renter should make payment and security bond as agreed (less already paid advance payment), Renter is supposed to check validity of vehicle revenue licence, insurance and their expiry dates, Agreement should be signed only with the legal Car Owner as mentioned in the documents of the vehicle. If everything is satisfactory, Renter should accept the keys

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[+] How do I List my car?

Listing your car is easy and only takes 5 minutes. Click on “Car Owners” at the top of any page and fill out the form to register as a user. If you are already registered, simply login with your user name and password and go to Add a Car in the My Account’s Car Listing section. Click on Add Car and complete the car details form. You can always update your contact details, car listing details and change your vehicle availability status at any time.

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[+] Can I list multiple cars?

Yes, once registered you can list as many cars as you wish. Simply login with your user name and password and go to the Car Listing in the My Account section.

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[+] How do I manage my listings and/or rental bookings?

Both car Owners and Renters can manage car listings or rental bookings from their online account. They can view the status of booking requests; get access to car Owner or Renter information.↑ Back to top

[+] What happens if the Renter doesn't show up to pick the car?

YouDrive.LK charges the Renter an advance payment to help protect Owners from fake booking. If the Renter does not comply with terms and conditions of booking, YouDrive.LK may charge from advance payment and pay for damages to the respective car owner.
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[+] What happens if my car is returned late?

Renters must contact the Vehicle Owner to inform them of any delay in the return of the owners vehicle. Car Owner may take actions as per the agreement signed between Vehicle Owner and Renter.

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[+] What happens if the car is stolen?

Car Owner may take actions as per the agreement signed between Vehicle Owner and Renter, YouDrive. LK is not liable for any stolen cars whatsoever.

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[+] What happens if the Renter breaks the Terms and Conditions?

Vehicle Owner may take actions as per the agreement signed between Vehicle Owner and Renter. ack to top

[+] If I go away, can I give my car to YouDrive to rent out?

No, YouDrive does not untertake cars on behalf of Owners.

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